The Great SILVER BACK GORILLA Here he is ladies & gents, the endangered Silver Back Gorilla. Photographed at the world famous Bronx Zoo NY City on 7/5/08. I took a trip to the zoo today for the first time in my life for a photo shoot. After living within 60 min. of the zoo for most of my life I thought it was about time I made a visit and see what they had to offer, I must say I had a WONDERFUL time and for a photographer, subject matter is EVERY WHERE to shoot. The day started off very overcast and I knew I wasn't in for the best conditions but decided to still take the trip. It rained on me from the time I entered the gate until the time I left putting the weather seals of my D300 to the ultimate test, I'm happy to say they past with flying colors and kept the electronics dry as a bone, whew LOL. This Silver Back Gorilla is one of over 20 they have at the zoo (there are 2 families from what I understand). They are kept in separate sides both of which can be seen from the same observation room and they are only separated by a small electronic fence and some trees. The observation room is below the wooded area which slopes upward in a natural jungle setting. The only draw back is the THICK Plexiglas's partition that you have to shoot through. So that plus the fact that I had barely any light outside from the rain made this a very difficult day of shooting, but the D300 managed it very nicely and confirmed that this is one hell of a camera to say the least. Anyway THIS Gorilla was a real HAM, he was only about 10' away from me most of the 60 min. I photographed his family and really liked having his picture taken. They are SO SMART it's scary and act & move just like humans. They were all pretty cool and loved the attention folks were giving them. One male & female even decided to have a 'NOONER' love making session right in front of us for all to see LOL and brought many LAUGHS & CLAPS during the 60 seconds or so it took them to finish, it was VERY funny and to see some of the parents scrambling to cover their younger kids eyes almost made me spit up my soda (yes there's a shot of that in my zoo gallery too LOL) I'll find out what this fellas name is and also post some more info on the families in my Zoo gallery that I have posted and hope all of you take a look at it, I worked very hard to get the shots in the gallery and there is some amazing animals in it. I want to share it for the enjoyment of all who don't have the resources to visit such a wonderful place. Please VISIT MY BRONX ZOO GALLERY HERE and see some great animals like TIGERS, GRIZZLY & POLAR BEARS, Lots of Birds, Giraffe & the Gorilla families (TIP: It's best viewed as a SLide Show so you see each picture enlarged and it's 18 pages long. Sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee while you view it.) Be sure to give this image a Thumbs Up vote if you like it & Thanks for your comments & visiting my galleries ~Bill~ - Welcome to Bill Pador Photography! Professional Photographer Serving NJ-NY-PA Weddings - Sweet 16 Parties - Portraits
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