"Coming To an End" Well the Fall Colors have treated me very well this year. It was a very exciting & productive season for color hunting and my successful trips day after day are now coming to an end. The leafs are falling from the tress faster then ever after a strong 10 day period where they were in full swing. Now as I look around they seem to be disappearing as fast as the clock hands sweep around every 60 minutes, bringing the dreaded winter months closer & closer. I still have a TON of images to process from my outings but they will get put into my Fall Colors Gallery soon. I wanted to do it yesterday but a last minute client booked a session that took me all day & not to process for gift purposes and my clients come first so I stayed up until 4am completing the job of processing over 800 images from the shoot. This shot comes from a spot around the corner from my home again and I liked the way the colors blended with the nice blue sky. Very little processing was involved, regular sharpening and a re-size is about all involved here. I hope you all enjoyed my Fall Color presentation this year and I look forward to grabbing some nice winter snow & ice scenes this year. I have a few SECRET spots I scouted during the summer so hopefully they pan out with some good images this year. Have a Great Day Everyone ! ~Bill Pador~ - Welcome to Bill Pador Photography! Professional Photographer Serving NJ-NY-PA Weddings - Sweet 16 Parties - Portraits
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