1/1/09 . . .In case you don't feel like reading my RANT below I would like all of your opinions (which I value IMMENSLY) real quick. I'm entering a "Photograph of the Year 2008' contest and have narrowed my entry to these 3 images. Please let me know which one you like better in your comment,Thanks! "My Daughters Eye/Shadow Portrait" http://billpador.smugmug.com/gallery/5590869_gCPr2/1/351725612_W2Wcu "Eye Abstract" http://billpador.smugmug.com/photos/357825988_8KZVy-M.jpg "Lake Sunset" http://billpador.smugmug.com/gallery/5957529_DbeQJ/1/374382348_x4rhH WARNING: "RANT BELOW" So last night was the good old bring in the new year festivities. When I got home I planned on hitting the sack and getting some shut eye, seems my body had other ideas possibly because of this extremely windy & cold weather here in NJ with temps below zero instead of me being in sunny Florida basking in the sun and the titanium screws in my spine decided to act like they owned the playing field and incited a riot. In plain English, I'm in a lot of pain and couldn't sleep LOL. Not a big deal as I live with this every day of my life and no need to worry but I had to do something to keep my mind busy so off I went into PS Land to play ball. Unfortunately I could not concentrate which in turn makes an artist get a major case of creative block the size of Manhattan so this is all I could come up with for my introduction to 2009. I sat in my still life studio shooting all kinds of things and nothing seemed to work, it was crazy really. More like aggravating to say the least, everything I shot went in the trash bin and I mean EVERYTHING! I know you have all had days like this and it's never easy to swallow no matter what the reason. Well I'm sorry for ranting so much but I just had to get that off my chest and I figure what are friends for right? This shot of my female cat Zena was taken on the dining room table, right next to the napkin holder. So a little crop was in order LOL. Then I played around with some ideas and this was the result. Sorry it couldn't be more but I'm just glad I was able to put SOMETHING together for today's POD. I've learned to deal with adversity and know that Tomorrow will be a better day without a doubt. I'll end this by saying "REACH FOR THE STARS BABY" ! I hope you all had a fun evening bringing in the new year and everyone arrived back home safe & sound. ~Bill~ - Welcome to Bill Pador Photography! Professional Photographer Serving NJ-NY-PA Weddings - Sweet 16 Parties - Portraits
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